Managed Colocation Services

Managed Colocation Services – Bundled Services Bandwidth and Remote Hands

Moving systems from the tried and trusted computer room or more typically cupboard to a modern offsite data center may seem a daunting plan at first, but almost immediately after the decision is made the benefits can be seen by the business.

Removing the need to plan for the event where the single comms cable or power supply to the building is dug up or disrupted is a major plus, replaced with diversely routed comms and power with guaranteed service levels supporting the infrastructure.

It also allows companies to take advantage of reliable IP (internet or private circuit) transit or network bandwidth from an array of 3rd party internet providers. Vissensa’s Managed Colocation services provide the choice of either a bundled bandwidth within the equipment colocation services itself or alternatively tailored access and bandwidth speeds of 1Gb or 10Gb via our own managed switch ports to customers who require significant network capabilities.

Remote hands are also provided to assist with server restarts, power cycles, drive replacements and much more. Vissensa can provide physical engineering support within our rack management services, either via bundled hours of remote hands or on a pay as you go model, depending on the level of data centre support required.

Popular US and UK Managed Colocation Services Data Centers

Washington D.C Data Center

Equinix Data Center Washington D.C. is a business hub for more many companies. Customers can choose from a broad range of network services from leading network service providers. They can also interconnect directly to customers and partners in their digital supply chain. The Washington D.C. colocation facility enables customers to be part of a rich industry ecosystem and are strategic communications hubs for the eastern United States and major communications gateways to Europe. 

New York Data Center

Our international clients have enjoyed direct access to the resources of London and New York’s leading financial services hubs with unparalleled connectivity to card issuers, markets, and liquidity providers. We have recently added our own Washington DC (Equinix DC4) and Singapore (Equinix SG3) to our existing NY4 client footprints, expanding our Domestic US capabilities still further. From these facilities

Equinix Manchester Data Center

As one of the largest media hubs in the UK via MediaCityUK, Equinix Manchester Data Centers help provide strategic colocation facilities for businesses. With Equinix MA4 and Equinix MA1 deployed on the Science Park Campus and connected through cross-connects – access to MediaCity has never been easier.

The Equinix Manchester data centers consist of five buildings totaling 80,000+ square feet (7,425+ square meters) of colocation space.

Equinix Slough Data Center

Equinix Slough Data Centerrovides our clients direct access to the resources of one of London’s leading financial services hubs with unparalleled connectivity to card issuers, markets, and liquidity providers. From this facility Vissensa continues to provide a blend of leading data centre services to new and existing customers across Equinix LD4, Equinix LD5 and Equinix LD7. 

With a large range of network carriers located on the Equinix Slough campus, Vissensa has the ability to leverage private connectivity through cross connects as well as direct connectivity to leading public cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Accessing the Globe

Colocation Service Offerings

Virtual Hosting

  • Swift deployment
  • Cloud flexibility and scalability
  • Built-in routing and bandwidth
  • Access to platform management
  • Backup and BC extensions
  • Monitoring & Management options

Dedicated Servers

  • Flexible, ready to use configurations
  • Shared routing and bandwidth options
  • Short term lease
  • Monitoring & management options


  • Quarter, Half and Full Rack Options
  • 1U+ Hosting
  • Included Bandwidth
  • Remote Hands
  • On Premise and Colocation support

Network Services
All Vissensa services have the ability to leverage Equinix’s extensive ecosystem

ECX Fabric

Equinix ECX Fabric provides secure and direct connectivity to top Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google and AWS

Direct Connectivity

Take advantage of one of the richest cross connectivity gateways available in the market, providing the ability to directly connect to hundreds of service providers

Vissensa Bandwidth

Our data transit packages offer flexible, burstable bandwidths and the ability to provision transit dedicated entirely to you or through shared infrastructure

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